IAU Commission 5 Resolution C1 (1982)

At the 1982 IAU General Assembly meeting in Patras, Greece, Commission 5 (Documentation and Astronomical Data) adopted the following resolution:

  Flexible Image Transport System

       Commission 5

       considering               the present unsatisfactory situation of the
                                 transfer of astronomical data between 
                                 astronomical institutions

       recommends                that all astronomical computer facilities
                                 recognize and support the Flexible Image
                                 Transport System (FITS) for the interchange
                                 of binary data on magnetic tape, as described
                                 in Astronomy and Astrophysics Suppliement, 
                                 vol. 44, pp. 363 and 371
This resolution was then adopted by the IAU General Assembly in an omnibus resolution (R11) which endorsed all 16 of the various commission resolutions from that General Assembly meeting.

This resolution refers to the first 2 published papers about FITS: Paper I by Wells et al. provides the basic definition of the FITS format. Paper II by Greisen and Harten defines an extension to the basic FITS format for Random Groups.

Reference: Transactions of the International Astronomical Union (1982), Vol. XVIIIB, pp 45-46.