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Members of the IAU FITS Working Group

North America       (Appointed)               Areas of Expertise
 Steve Allen         (2003) UCO/Lick Obs    Optical, Mosaicing, WCS
 Daniel Durand       (2003) CADC, Canada    Optical, CFHT, HST
 Eric Greisen        (1988) NRAO            FITS History, AIPS, Radio, WCS
*Bob Hanisch         (1988) STScI           Virtual observatory, WGAS Chairman
*Bill Pence          (1993) HEASARC, GSFC   (Former-Chair, 2003-2012) CFITSIO, X-ray
*Arnold Rots         (2002) SAO             (Former Chair of N. American FITS committee) 
                                            Chandra, X-ray, Timing 
 Dick Shaw           (2003) NOAO            UV/Optical, Spectroscopy, Imaging, LSST
 Elizabeth Stobie    (2003) NOAO            Optical, IR, data management
 William Thompson    (2003) GSFC            Solar, SOHO, STEREO
 Doug Tody           (1988) NRAO            Virtual observatory, WCS, IRAF

*Lucio Chiappetti    (2003) IASF Milano, It. (Chairman) X-ray, XMM, BeppoSAX, databases
 Malcolm Currie      (2009) RAL, U.K.       Optical/IR imaging & spectroscopy
*Adam Dobrzycki      (2010) ESO, Germany    (Former Chair of European FITS committee)
                                            QSOs, computational astronomy
 Thierry Forveille   (2003) Grenoble        Optical/IR, Radio 
 Carlos Gabriel      (2005) ESA/ESAC, Spain X-ray, XMM Science Operations
 Preben Grosbol      (1988) ESO, Germany    (Former-chair, 1988-1994; Former-Chair of the
                                            European FITS committee) FITS History, VLT
 Walter Jaffe        (2003) Leiden, NL      Radio, IR interferometry
 Francois Ochsenbein (1988) CDS, France     Vizier, SIMBAD, VOTable
 Zhelenkova, Olga    (2009) Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO), Russia   

*Osamu Kanamitsu     (1995) Fukuoka Univ of Edu. (Former Chair of the Japanese FITS committee)

*Mark Calabretta     (2003) ATNF/CSIRO      (Former Chair of the Australia/New Zealand
                                            FITS committee) Radio, WCS
 Andreas Wicenec     (2003) ICRAR, Perth    ALMA, radio, AVO

(* = member of the Executive Committee)

Previous Members
 Perry Greenfield        (2009-2015)
 Bill Cotton, NRAO       (1988-2003)
 John Glaspey, NOAO      (1988-2003)
 Don Jennings, NOST      (2000-2000)
 Oleg Malkov, Moscow     (2003-2009)
 Shiro Nishimura, Japan  (1988-1995)
 Clive Page, UK          (2003-2009)
 Bruce Peterson, MSO     (1988-2003)
 Anatoly Piskunov, RU    (1988-2000)
 Ernst Raimond, NL       (1988-2003) Former-vice-chair: 1994-2003
 Barry Schlesinger, NOST (1988-1999) 
 Peter Teuben, U. MD     (1995-2002) Former-Chair of N. American FITS Committee
 Pat Wallace, UK         (1988-2005)
 Wayne Warren, GSFC      (1988-2003)
 Don Wells, NRAO         (1988-2009) Former-chair, 1994-2003; Former-vicechair, 1988-1994