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FITS Support Office

FITS File Verifier

Use this web form to verify the format of any FITS data file on your local computer or on the Web. The file will be uploaded and scanned for any violations of the requirements specified in the FITS Standard document. You may also download this FITSverify program and run it locally.

Enter a local FITS file name:

Name of the FITS file to be verified:

Maximum allowed file size = 40 MB.
'gzip' or 'zip' compress large files before verifying to minimize upload times.

Capabilities for validation of remote URLs are temporarily disabled

The fv FITS file viewer and editor may be used to examine the contents of the FITS file in greater detail.

This form uses the FITSverify utility program that is freely available from the HEASARC. When installed locally, FITSverify may be used to verify multiple files at once in batch mode.

Please report any problems or questions about FITSverify to the ftools help desk.

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