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IAU FITS Working Group Detailed History

The IAU FITS Working Group is established under IAU Commission 5. Below are the available Triannual Reports and the transactions of the Business Meetings that are held at each IAU General Assembly meeting (every 3 years). A few other available status reports of IAU FWG activities are also listed. The annual reports of the American Astronomical Society Working Group on Astronomical Software (available here) also summarize some of the activities of the IAU FWG.

2009 August - Rio de Juneiro, Brazil

2006 August - Prague, Czech Republic 2003 July - Sydney, Australia 2000 - Manchester, UK 1998 - ADASS Meeting, Urbana, USA 1997 - Kyoto, Japan 1996 - ADASS Meeting 1994 - The Hague, Netherlands 1993 1992 1991: - Buenos Aires, Argentina 1988, Baltimore, USA 1986 - 3rd ADASS Meeting, Munich, Germany 1985 - New Delhi, India 1982 - Patras, Greece

The principal forum for FITS announcements and discussion is the FITSBITS email list. View the FITSBITS email archive (general FITS-related discussions). Further general information about FITS may be obtained from the FITS Support Office web site.